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Experiencing a range of emotions to hair loss while undergoing cancer treatment is common. For most people, this hair loss is temporary and will grow back.

While some people may not be concerned by this, others may feel self-conscious and more comfortable knowing that Cancer Council WA has an extensive range of synthetic wigs and other headwear available through our free Wig Service, including beanies, scarves, turbans and headpieces.

Choosing a wig

Whether you decide to purchase your own wig or access one through our free Wig Service, there are some things to consider:

Synthetic vs human hair wigs

Wigs can be made of synthetic hair or real human hair. As part of our free Wig Service, we stock high-quality synthetic wigs. These wigs look very realistic, so the only main difference between them and human hair wigs is the cost. For more information you can watch our video on the benefits of a synthetic wig.

If enquiries are made for human hair, the Wig Service Coordinator is happy to assist you on where these could be purchased from.

Wig style

Most people tend to choose a style that they are familiar with and comfortable wearing. However, some people may choose to try a wig that is different to their normal hair colour and style.

When accessing a wig through Cancer Council WA, our Wig Fitter will take various things into consideration, including your face shape, your age, and of course your wishes.

We have approximately 1400 wigs in our Wig Library. You can exchange your current wig for a different style at any time. Wigs are thoroughly laundered prior to again being loaned out again.

Scarves, turbans, beanies, and other headwear

Turbans, scarves, beanies, or headpieces are the first choice for some people, as opposed to a wig. Turbans or headscarfs can be styled in a variety of ways.

If you would like to make your own turbans or have someone who would like to do this for you, there are two different styles of turbans you can use:

It is a good choice to use a fabric that is soft so that it doesn’t cause any aggravation, for example, a bamboo jersey can be good option.

If you make an appointment with our Wig Service, the Wig Fitter will also show you different ways on how to style these.

For more information on styling a headscarf, see our How to style a headscarf factsheet.

How to access our Wig Service

We have Wig Services available at Milroy Lodge in Shenton Park, servicing the Perth Metro area, while both our Dot’s Places in Mandurah and Bunbury also have Wig Services. We also have a smaller service available in Geraldton.

When you visit, you will have the option of taking one wig, three turbans or scarves, and three beanies per visit. There is no timeframe on how long a wig can be borrowed for, but we do ask that the wig be returned when you have finished with it.

If you are unable to access the service face-to-face, we are happy to provide a postal service.

To access our Wig Service, please make an appointment by emailing our Wig Service Coordinator via email on or speaking to our cancer nurses on 13 11 20.

More Resources

  • Read our Hair Loss fact sheet and visit our Wig Service page.
  • Call 13 11 20 and speak to one of our cancer nurses on any cancer-related questions and support on how to access the Wig Service.
  • ‘Look Good Feel Better’ is a national service that is dedicated to supporting you on how to manage appearance related side-effects caused by cancer treatment. Call the Look Good Feel Better national office on 1800 650 960 or visit their website on