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Health professionals

Cancer survivor Johnny Benzene is choosing to host an Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea his way, by putting a unique spin on the fundraising event.

His business, “Benzene’s Car Detailing”, has taken a slightly different turn from the usual Biggest Morning Tea in that instead of baking goods, they are inviting friends and family to a car show.

Johnny said the event started out small but has quickly grown in popularity.

“Our fundraising journey started out small, initially hosting our events at a local hall or community centre then, once our business was established, we decided it was time to raise the bar and incorporate a car show into the fundraising event”.

“The event grows every year with last year being our best year, raising over $10,000”, Johnny said.

As someone who has been impacted by cancer, Johnny knows the importance of raising funds towards cancer research.

Being a cancer survivor myself, I really wanted to give back as I know too well that without this research my outcome could have been worse.

He adds, “every year someone close to me is affected by cancer, whether dealing with it themselves or someone close to them”.

“We’ve also lost immediate family members to this disease, which inspires us to continue to host yearly events and raise much needed funds for cancer research, in the hope we can help save someone else’s life”.

You can host your own Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea in 2024

For 31 years, Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea has brought together millions of Australians over a cup of tea in support of those affected by cancer.

It doesn’t need to be fancy – your Biggest Morning Tea could be at home with friends or family, a simple morning tea in the office with workmates, a virtual get-together, or a gathering in the local community or at school.

Simply register online, set a date in April, May or June and start sending out your invites!

About the event

  • Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea is officially held on Thursday 23 May 2024, however you can register to host at any time throughout May or June
  • Join over 500,000 hosts who have come together over the last 31 years to make a difference to Australians affected by cancer
  • Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea is a community event that raises vital funds to make a big difference for those impacted by cancer and is one of Cancer Council’s leading fundraisers
  • Anyone can host an Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea. Simply register online, set a date in May or June and start sending out your invites
  • Make it personal and #HostYourWay – whether it’s at home with friends, in the park with your family, or at work or with your local community – you decide!
  • Whichever way you choose to host a Biggest Morning Tea, every dollar you raise will make a huge difference
  • Since it began, 31 years ago, Cancer Council’s generous community of supporters have raised more than $200 million by hosting morning teas
  • This year, your generous support will assist in raising over $13 million to help everyone affected by cancer right across Australia, funding life saving research, prevention and support programs
  • To register visit Biggest Morning Tea or call 1300 65 65 85