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For June Turner, cancer has unfortunately touched many aspects of her life; both her parents passed away from cancer, her brother was diagnosed with advanced cancer and her niece sadly passed away from cancer just two weeks before her 40th birthday.

After receiving her own diagnosis of bladder cancer, June decided to leave a gift in her Will to Cancer Council WA. She hopes that it will fund more research and improve treatment outcomes.

She says, “cancer is so prevalent these days, it’s touched my family in many ways, including myself. I hope my gift makes a difference in research, because I just think research is so important. It’s the foundation of developing new treatments.

I know there’s so many diseases and illnesses, but cancer is something that touches just about everybody’s life somewhere, somehow. We need more information. We need more research.

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If you are passionate about making a difference, please consider including a gift in your Will to Cancer Council WA. Even a gift as small as 1% of your estate makes a huge impact and helps Cancer Council WA continue our work in funding cancer research, prevention, and support for all West Australians affected by cancer.

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