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Financially, we couldn’t have afforded to stay in motels each trip but more importantly, our illness became so much less of a burden because of Crawford Lodge. It was like therapy and helped to lighten the load. We were able to navigate everything easier, right down to help with food, transport to and from hospital, and counselling that eased our minds with concerns around COVID-19. For Dalex Kate and I it was a huge blessing.

Kimberly couple, Jack and Dalex Kate Huhu 2022 07 06_community stories huhu_124x124

I want to raise awareness for people living with cancer and the impact cancer has on families, which is why I am so proud to be Cancer Council WA’s 2022 Dry July Ambassador.

Emily Halberg, Swanbourne 2022 07 06_community stories em_124x124

Having somewhere we can come and feel supported, feel cared for during treatment, with or without a carer or partner, just takes so much weight off everyone’s shoulders. I am so grateful to Cancer Council WA for all their assistance and support, so I urge everyone to get behind this appeal.

Ann Rahn, Pilbara 2022 07 06_community stories ann rahn_124x124

You just want to concentrate on your treatment and getting better and giving yourself the best shot at whatever is in front of you, and having the support at Crawford Lodge means a few less things you have to worry about.

Margaret River Couple, Nigel and Kelli Anderson 2022 07 06_community stories nigel kelli anderson_124x124

I’ve realised it’s not about being successful; it’s about family, health and doing your part for the community. It’s a cause very close to my heart and I encourage others in the community to jump on board and host their own morning tea during the year or donate.

David Infirri 2022 07 06_community stories david passione deli_124x124

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