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Health professionals

How we’re making a difference

At Make Smoking History, we are deeply committed to reducing smoking-related death and illness, a key priority shared by Cancer Council WA. We actively collaborate with various non-governmental organisations to advocate for policy changes aimed at creating a healthier environment and minimising the harm caused by smoking and vaping.

Through meaningful partnerships, we work towards influencing policy reforms that can effectively combat the detrimental impact of smoking and vaping on the Western Australian community, with a specific emphasis on cancer prevention. Our goal is to raise awareness, educate the public, and drive meaningful change in smoking-related policies, ultimately reducing the burden of cancer caused by smoking.

You can find out more about our positions statements here.

 WA Government action needed to address vaping


Cancer Council WA in partnership with ACOSH and other leading WA health, medical and community organisations are urging the WA Government to follow the lead of the Federal Government to strengthen our laws and improve enforcement in relation to e-cigarettes.


WA must now step up on vaping


Leading health organisations are united in their calls for the state government to step up to end the vaping epidemic among young people in Western Australia.

Read our letter to the editor.