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Our work to reduce harm from alcohol use 

Cancer Council WA and our Alcohol Programs team work closely with other non-government organisations to advocate for improvements to the environment through policy change to reduce harm from alcohol use, including cancer.  We also work to inform community discussion about alcohol issues with the aim of reducing the impacts of alcohol on the WA community, including as a cause of cancer. There are many policy options that are known to be effective. Cancer Council’s recommendations to reduce harms caused by alcohol are outlined in the National Cancer Prevention Policy.

You can view more information on our alcohol prevention activity here.

Follow us on Twitter @AlcoholPolicyWA to keep up to date on our activities and key policy issues.

Alcohol.Think Again

The Alcohol.Think Again education program is delivered by the Mental Health Commission in partnership with Cancer Council WA. The program informs the WA community of the range of alcohol-related harms, including cancer, and ways to minimise alcohol-related risk.

Visit the Alcohol.Think Again website to view the campaigns, find tips to reduce your drinking, access online tools (e.g., What is a standard drink?), and connect with support services.

Alcohol Action Station e-newsletter

Alcohol Action Station is a fortnightly e-newsletter that aims to provide WA community members with the information and tools to take action on harms from alcohol. The purpose is to provide a brief update on the latest information on alcohol that we think will be of interest, with a focus on taking action. Sign up to the e-newsletter by emailing

Additional resources: 



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