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At Cancer Council WA, we understand that a cancer diagnosis can have an enormous impact on anyone affected by cancer. We have a range of financial and legal assistance programs to assist those impacted by cancer.

You can find more information about practical issues after a cancer diagnosis here.

For more information about these and other support services call our 13 11 20 Cancer Information and Support Line.

Cancer treatment can put enormous strain on your resources and sometimes a little help can go a long way. We offer financial assistance to patients undergoing cancer treatment who meet our financial hardship criteria.

For more information please call our 13 11 20 Cancer Information and Support Line.

Cancer can change many things, including how you manage financially and how you plan to provide for your family in the future. If you need assistance with financial planning, debt consolidation, access to superannuation, planning your Will, power of attorney or other legal or financial matters relating to your cancer diagnosis, we may be able to connect you to a lawyer or financial planner.

To be eligible for this free service you must be;

  • WA resident that has resided in WA for a minimum of 6 months
  • Matter is related to a cancer diagnosis/recurrence occurring within the last 2 years
  • Not currently accessing any financial or legal services from a qualified professional for the same matter (except in exceptional circumstances); and,
  • Unable to pay the cost of advice (this is means tested through the application process).

IMPORTANT NOTE: Services are dependent upon the availability of voluntary service providers, so your application for assistance may not be successful even if you meet the eligibility criteria.

For more information please call our 13 11 20 Cancer Information and Support Line or complete the below form and one of our cancer support services team will call you back during office hours.


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