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Mother’s Day is about showering the important women in your life with love. Whether it’s your mum, grandma, sister or aunt, everyone deserves to be treated special on Mother’s Day. This year show her how much she means to you with thoughtful gifts and healthy, delicious meals.

Our LiveLighter team have put together some great ideas to help inspire you!

Gift Ideas

Instead of gifting that box of chocolates, why not try something a little different? A unique, homemade gift  is the perfect way to show just how much you care. The following ideas are tasty, affordable and you guessed it… healthy!

Potted herbs

You can get potted herbs at hardware stores, garden stores and even at the supermarket! They all look and smell lovely. Basil and mint are hardy and happy to spend their life in a pot on the windowsill. Other herbs like coriander and dill might need to be planted into the ground and are a bit higher maintenance.

Spice mixes

Grab a jar and mix up mum’s favourite spices. You may need a refillable grinder if you’ve decided to use whole, rather than ground, spices. Check out our spicy selection:

Mexican spice mix

  • 2 parts smoked paprika
  • 1 part cumin
  • 1 part coriander
  • ½ part dried oregano

Moroccan spice mix

  • 2 parts cumin
  • 1 part coriander
  • 1 part paprika
  • ½ part cinnamon

Indian spice mix

  • 2 parts coriander
  • 1 part cumin
  • ½ part turmeric
  • ½ part garam masala


  • If your love of baking comes from your mum, enjoy this activity together by cooking up a treat for the whole family. We love LiveLighter’s currant carrot loaf and hummingbird muffins.
  • Going for a relaxing walk is a great way to connect with mum and exercise at the same time.
  • Serve mum a glass of LiveLighter’s finest pine-berry frappe and make a toast to one of the most important women in your life! Now leave her be on the couch — it’s time for her to relax and catch up on her favourite shows.

Super-easy to super-impressive recipes

Quick and easy breakfasts

  • If breakfast in bed is mum’s request on Mother’s Day don’t argue — just whip up our easy banana berry pikelets! These pikelets are light and full of fruity flavour. If apples are mum’s thing swap the blueberries for thin rings of peeled, cored apple.
  • These impressive Pesto baked mushrooms with roast tomatoes are actually very easy to make and would be perfect on an autumn morning
  • Do yourself a favour and prep our berry bircher muesli on Mother’s Day eve. It will take the stress off the big day and maximise your time spent with mum. Top it with passionfruit pulp and you’re on to a winner!

“Lunch is served!”

  • Wrap it up with our tandoori chicken and salad wraps – the heat of Indian spices teamed with the cooling combination of yoghurt, mint and salad will knock mum’s socks off.

“Dinner’s on the table!”

Treat mum right

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  • Check out LiveLighter for other healthy eating recipes, tips and tricks

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