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Cancer Council WA’s LiveLighter® program has launched a new campaign to help people eat well on a budget, following research* which found that almost eight out of 10 people surveyed had recently taken action to reduce the cost of food bills.

Cancer Council WA Food and Movement Programs Manager, Ainslie Sartori, said with the rising cost of living, the aim of the Boost Your Budget campaign is to support West Australian adults to make healthy snacks and meals at home.

“We know from our research that people are eating out less and preparing more food at home, they are buying less meat, and choosing cheaper versions of food, so the Boost Your Budget campaign offers money-saving tips and resources for at home and the supermarket,” Ms Sartori said.

“We have many free online resources ready to help West Australians to eat well while saving money; from supermarket shopping tips, to preparing low-cost food in the kitchen, and even reducing food waste.

“The resources include tasty, clever meal ideas using grocery staples such as eggs, beans and lentils, rice and frozen vegetables, and low-cost breakfast and lunch ideas that come in at $1.50 to $2.50 per serving.

“We know cooking at home is a great way to save money and eat well, so we have aimed for easy-to-prepare meals with cheap and easy to get ingredients.

“We encourage all West Aussies to jump online at to help their food budget go further.”

The Boost Your Budget campaign will run statewide across social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram and TikTok) until 28 July.

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