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Health professionals

Cancer Council WA has relaunched the LiveLighter® Menu App campaign, in a bid to motivate people to reduce the  amount of junk food they eat, following new research showing around a third (32 per cent) of West Aussies are eating savoury junk food four or more times a week.

Cancer Council WA Food and Movement Programs Manager, Ainslie Sartori, said the campaign encourages people to buy and eat less junk food, while providing practical resources to help people cook more at home.

“The rise of meal delivery apps and services has made unhealthy food and drink more available, more accessible and more heavily promoted than ever before,” Ms Sartori said.

Regularly eating junk food can lead to weight gain and excess body fat which increases the risk of 13 types of cancer.

Ms Sartori said research indicates that health is a key factor motivating West Aussies to cut down on junk food.

“This research also found that 70 per cent of people say they would find it easier to eat a healthier diet if they knew more ways of preparing healthy food,” she said.

“The Menu App campaign aims to empower West Aussies to make quick and nutritious meals at home rather than ordering takeaway. We’re here to support the community with lots of easy recipe ideas and tips available on the LiveLighter® website”

This wave will run across TV, catch-up TV, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram until 6 July 2024.

View the campaign.