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As a facilitator for Cancer Council WA’s Life Now Mindfulness 8-week course and Meditation 6-week course, Karen Haddon sees the positive impact that our courses have for people affected by cancer. She shares what she enjoys most about her role:

About our Mindfulness and Meditation courses

Both Mindfulness and Meditation courses teach you practical coping techniques to counter the effects of cancer-related stress.

Karen explains that the two programs have similarities; they both help you learn to relax and have a calmer outlook.

The main difference is that Midnfulness is more intense and hands on. You learn not only how to practice various forms of mindfulness, but also how to apply it to your everyday life and change how you process thoughts and emotions.

The most rewarding part

Karen shares that being a Life Now facilitator is the most fulfilling role she has had.

“I’m passionate about seeing how this can really support people’s mental health and wellbeing, especially through some of life’s biggest challenges and crises,” she says.

She explains how she loves seeing the shift in people when they take part in the program and hearing the positive stories they share with her.

“I often hear stories about how the skills they learnt during the program are helping them. It may be when they were having treatment, going for a scan or when they were in the waiting room feeling anxious. It’s fantastic to see how people can apply what they’ve learn in their own life,” Karen says.

Providing a sense of community during difficult times

Karen says it’s not just the techniques that people are learning, but the sense of community that really helps them.

“Before we even start learning any techniques, it’s about just arriving in a space where it’s calm and tranquil, there are others just like them and everybody is arriving with curiosity to learn.

“It’s always really warm, friendly and welcoming and they kind of gain a sense of common humanity that they are not alone in this”, she says.

She adds “that being open to learning and being with people who are going through something similar, can really support them through really difficult times.”

Karen recognises that for new people it can take courage to sign up for something different and come along to the first class. She encourages anyone interested to come with an openness to learn and to know that we are all coming together as a new group.

How to book

Registrations for our Life Now term 2 programs open 6 March 2024. The courses are free of charge for people affected by cancer and their primary carers.

For more information:

Registrations are essential. Eligibility criteria applies.