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Tobacco smoking is the single most preventable cause of ill health and death in Australia. With West Australians experiencing the burden of smoking not only on their physical health but also on their mental health and wellbeing, our Make Smoking History team have re-launched their ‘Worried About You’ campaign, aimed at prompting those who smoke to think about how their habit affects their loved ones.

The ‘Worried About You’ campaign also highlights that we understand quitting can be challenging- that’s why we’ve put all the information you need to quit in one place:

Anti-smoking campaigns have not only made a significant contribution to reducing the prevalence of smoking in Western Australia, they have also reduced incidences and deaths from smoking-related illnesses.

Even with smoking prevalence decreasing, it’s important to continue prompting West Australians to quit smoking and prevent further take up. With tobacco attributable hospitalisations estimated to cost $126 million in 2018-2019, tobacco is still the largest cause of preventable death and disease in Australia.

To view the campaign, click the video below.

Looking to quit smoking?

We’ve got a number of tools available for any West Australian who is looking to quit smoking:

For more information about the Make Smoking History Campaign or resources to help people quit smoking, email

The Make Smoking History Campaign is an initiative of Cancer Council WA and is funded by the Department of Health WA, Healthway and Cancer Council WA.


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