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Health professionals

We have welcomed funding from Healthway to develop a digital education campaign to address the current vaping crisis among young West Australians.

Our CEO Ashley Reid acknowledged that an innovative and contemporary approach to education for this target group is needed.

“Young people have become a key target of e-cigarette marketing strategies used by the tobacco industry, which include the use of digital marketing and social media influencers,” Mr Reid said.

“The use of e-cigarettes/vapes by young people in Western Australia is high and increasing.

“Young people are attracted to vapes for their bright colours and broad range of flavours, and then become hooked due to the nicotine content.

“These products carry serious health risks, such as nicotine addiction, poisoning, seizures, burns and acute lung injuries from inhaling harmful chemicals.”

Mr Reid said E-cigarette use is a gateway to tobacco use.

“There is strong evidence that non-smokers who use e-cigarettes are three times as likely to go on to smoke combustible tobacco cigarettes as non-users,” he said.

“Our long fought-for successes in tobacco control are under threat.

“Addressing the vaping crisis effectively requires a comprehensive approach incorporating support for policy and legislative reform, compliance and enforcement efforts alongside research and education strategies.”

We will receive $375,000 from Healthway to develop a pilot project highlighting the impacts of e-cigarette use (vaping).

The digital education campaign will combat growth in the use of e-cigarettes for people aged 14-24.

For more information:

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For cancer information and support call 13 11 20