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Health professionals

The Healthway funded research project “Being Gen Vape” by The Behaviour Change Collaborative, released today, confirms that WA kids have easy access to e-cigarettes/vapes and are getting hooked on the highly addictive nicotine ‘hit’.

We are calling on federal and state governments to address the ready-access kids have to these products by:

  • strengthening enforcement at the border to stop the flood of illegal e-cigarettes into Australia.
  • expanding compliance programs to seize illegal nicotine e-cigarette products and deter non-pharmacy retailers from unlawfully supplying them.
  • strengthening WA legislation to explicitly prohibit the sale, supply, advertising and promotion of e-cigarette devices and components (other than in accordance with the TGA approach (i.e., the prescription pathway)

It is illegal to sell, supply or possess an e-cigarette or any liquid that contains nicotine in Australia without a valid doctor’s prescription. Nicotine is a dangerous poison, even in small quantities. Current controls are failing young people and urgent government action approach is required to address this issue.

We also need to prohibit the use of e-cigarettes in places where tobacco smoking is prohibited in WA.

A recent review of the global evidence by The Australian National University showed e-cigarettes can cause nicotine dependence, injury, burns, poisoning, acute nicotine toxicity, seizures, and acute serious respiratory diseases.

People who are thinking of starting their quit journey (or who would like to help someone to quit) can access support by:

  • Contacting the Quitline for support from the Quitline counsellors:
  • Downloading the free MyQuitBuddy app
  • Visiting
  • Visiting QuitCoach
  • Seeking advice and support from their GP, Aboriginal Health Worker, Telehealth service or pharmacist