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Bull Creek Primary School has been an accredited Crunch&Sip® school since 2021. They received a $650 grant from Cancer Council WA for becoming a Crunch&Sip® school, which has successfully been used to help establish a vegetable and fruit garden. Bull Creek Primary shared the benefits they have seen from encouraging healthy eating within the school.

The value of growing fruit and vegetables

Bull Creek Primary used the grant to assist in setting up their vegetable garden. This included purchasing raised vegetable beds, soil, seeds, seedlings, and materials to make wooden labelled garden stakes.

The school shared that their vegetable gardens are an important part of motivating students to see the value in growing and eating healthy, nutritious, and seasonal produce.

This year the students have grown a variety of vegetables, including carrots, broccoli, and celery. Currently, they are growing corn, cucumber, beans, and tomatoes due to their popularity, delicious taste, and health benefits. The students have also planted over ten fruit trees and 20 vegetable varieties.

Teaching parents and students about healthy eating

Bull Creek Primary also invited parents to the school for a presentation about healthy eating. Dietitians from Cancer Council WA attended and spoke about tips for packing a healthy lunch box, label reading and making the best drink choices for children.

Some of the grant money also went towards a bag with fruit and vegetables in a Crunch&Sip® container which the children took home. It also assisted with purchasing drink bottles for the children to promote the importance of drinking water.

The school shared that students have enjoyed learning about where our food comes from.. They have shown an intrinsic interest in plant life cycles and have flourished in an outdoor classroom.

Teachers have also used the resources on the Cancer Council WA and Crunch&Sip® website as part of their lesson plans. For example, doing a graphing activity where the children graphed their favourite vegetables and discussed vegetables which they needed to try.

A healthy diet is key to successful learning

Bull Creek Primary added that the concept of having a vegie break has spread across the school, with all classes now participating in the program. They have seen several benefits including:

  • Assisting with children’s mental and physical health
  • Giving children more energy
  • Encouraging children to try new fruit and vegies
  • Improving concentration in the classroom
  • Providing an extra opportunity to refuel their bodies
  • Bringing the school community together in a positive way

They said that it is a happy time in the classroom with children looking forward to being able to crunch on vegetables. It is fantastic to hear about how successful this initiative has been for Bull Creek Primary.

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