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Designed for: General Practitioners, Nurse Practitioners and Community Pharmacists

Series: RACEPC Communicate | General Practitioner (GP) & Nurse Practitioner (NP) Series

Title: Your Essentials for Pre-Emptive Prescribing and Deprescribing in Residential Aged Care


Many residents in Aged Care Facilities and patients across WA have been living with life limiting conditions and multiple co-morbidities for many years. When a person’s condition deteriorates, it is important to rationalise medications and look at deprescribing and pre-emptive prescribing to ensure impeccable symptom control and minimise any burden or harm. Regular medication review and rationalisation is an important component when looking after patients, especially at end of life.

Understanding the process to deprescribing and pre-emptive prescribing palliative care medicine can improve symptom management, medication availability, thus reducing emergency situations.

Learning Outcomes:

1. Establish if medication be continued by considering patients life expectancy and disease trajectory.

2. Identify how to review medicines based upon benefits and adverse effects.

3. Identify benefits of pre-emptive prescribing.

4. Identify drugs available in palliative care.

Presented By:

Dr Kieron Bradley, Palliative Care Consultant, Medical Director Palliative Care Program.

Penelope Tuffin, Advance Practice Pharmacist, Palliative Care & Pain Management.