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Health professionals

Event organisers have a responsibility to protect visitors, staff and volunteers from exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun. Sun protection is simple but requires some thought and preparation before the event. To guide your sun protection planning, see our tips on hosting a SunSmart outdoor event.

Sid Seagull costume

A Sid Seagull costume is available for hire at community and school events.

A booking hire fee of $60 plus a $500 bond is payable, however, the booking hire fee is waived if you belong to a SunSmart school.  Due to his size, Sid must be collected from and returned to Cancer Council WA, Gordon Basford House, at 15 Bedbrook Place, Shenton Park WA 6008. This site is open from Monday to Friday between 9.00am and 4.00pm.

To make a booking request, please complete the Sid Seagull costume booking form and return to the Resource Officer by email or fax on (08) 9212 4334.

Alternatively, contact the Resource Officer on (08) 9212 4333. For information on details we collect, please see our Privacy Collection Statement.

PA announcements

When hosting an outdoor event, it is a good idea to regularly remind participants to be SunSmart and protect their skin. Cancer Council WA has developed a range of SunSmart PA announcements that you can use at outdoor events.

Pre-recorded audio files of these announcements are available by contacting the SunSmart Campaign Coordinator on (08) 9212 4333.

Newsletter reminders

You can increase awareness about skin cancer and sun protection by including a short SunSmart article in your next newsletter. You may also find these brief SunSmart tips for newsletters useful. If you would like an article for your newsletter or help to write one, please contact the Cancer Council WA’s SunSmart team by email or call (08) 9212 4333.