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SunSmart media campaigns

Two sides of the sun

SunSmart WA’s latest campaign, Two sides of the sun, is a graphic campaign showing that the sun has both a nurturing side and a damaging side. It aims to increase West Australians’ use of sun protection during outdoor exposure when UV levels reach 3 or above.

Don’t let the sun see your DNA

Did you know that the sun can see through your skin to the cells beneath the surface? In fact, each time the sun sees your skin (when the UV is 3 or above), it’s doing damage that can just keep building up and up, until one day it causes a mutation in your DNA which can turn into skin cancer. The Don’t let the sun see your DNA campaign reminds us of the dangers of overexposure to UV radiation.

Wes Bonny’s Story

The story of Wes Bonny features a young man who passed away from melanoma at the age of just 26. The hard-hitting campaign features Wes’s parents, brothers and friends who recount their experiences of Wes’s life, diagnosis and death.

UV. It all adds up.

The UV. It all adds up. campaign focused on the cumulative effects of UV exposure and showed that skin damage can occur during everyday activities.

The UV Index campaign

The UV Index campaign aimed to increase the extent to which Western Australian adults understand and use the UV Index to reduce harmful UV exposure.

Dark Side of Tanning

The Dark Side of Tanning campaign graphically represents the damaging effect of overexposure to UV radiation from the sun and the deadly nature of melanoma. It challenges the belief that a tan is healthy and prompts adolescents to reconsider their use of sun protection.

Rowan’s Story

Rowan’s Story was one of the most successful campaigns run by Cancer Council WA. The campaign raised awareness about the personal risk of developing skin cancer from typical outdoor activities in Western Australians aged 18 to 39 years, particularly males.

Bondi Rescue

Lifeguards know better than anyone the dangers of the sun. The boys from Bondi Rescue joined the fight against skin cancer, by reminding West Australians to stay safe at the beach and be SunSmart.