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Health professionals

How to obtain copies

For single copies, please download individual pdf files from the list below.

For more information, please contact the Resource Officer on (08) 9388 4363 or (08) 9388 4362.  For information on details we collect please see our privacy collection statement.

Order multiple hardcopies in bulk

Please download and complete the Prevention and Early Detection Publication Order Form.

Cancer Education Video

The Cancer Education Video was developed to improve cancer outcomes for Aboriginal people by increasing knowledge and behaviour change in cancer prevention, screening, early detection, treatment and support.

The video has clear and simple messages and gives facts about cancer to help break down the myths and fears surrounding cancer. The video has six chapters that look at:

    • What is cancer?
    • Risk factors and prevention (what causes cancer)
    • Screening (National screening programs)
    • Finding cancer early (what symptoms to look for)
    • Treatment and support
    • Summary (a bit of everything above)

Aboriginal cancer journeys

Cancer Council NSW and the Aboriginal Health & Medical Research Council have developed a book of stories from Aboriginal people affected by cancer titled Aboriginal Cancer Journeys: Our stories of kinship, hope and survival. It includes personal insights and words of wisdom so Aboriginal people can get an insight into other Aboriginal peoples experiences of cancer.

Cancer Council NSW and the Aboriginal Health and Medical Research Council also developed some accompanying fact sheets that provide easy-to-read information about cancer, it’s treatments and side effects. These include:

  • What is cancer?
  • Cancer treatment
  • Making treatment decisions
  • Talking about cancer
  • Practical information for people having cancer treatment
  • Looking after someone with cancer
  • Natural therapies and cancer
  • What is palliative care?

The book, together with the 8 fact sheet pads (50 fact sheets/pad) can be ordered – please see ‘How to obtain copies’ at top of the page.

Cancer Council NSW and Menzies School of Health Research in conjunction with a Clinical Advisory Group and an Indigenous Consultation Group have collaboratively produced more detailed fact sheets about cancer for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

The Find Cancer Early campaign has developed Aboriginal specific resources aimed to increase awareness of the early signs and symptoms of skin, bowel, lung, prostate and breast cancer in people aged over 40 years living in regional Western Australia.

The campaign encourages people to find cancer early and tell their doctor without delay. As well as increasing symptom awareness, the campaign aims to break down some of the barriers and myths to seeking help.

Find Cancer Early promotes the message that the earlier cancer is found, the greater the chance of successful treatment.

Although these resources target regional people whose cancer outcomes aren’t as good as those living in Perth, the message of finding cancer early is still relevant to metropolitan people.

The resources feature donated artwork from a Goldfields artist.