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What is a podcast?

A podcast is a digital audio file made available on the internet for downloading to a computer or mobile device, so that it can be listened to anywhere at any time on any device. A podcast is typically available as a series of episodes, with new instalments being sent automatically to subscribers.

Are you new to the world of podcasts? Not sure how to download or listen to them on your smart phone or tablet?

Well, if you have an iPhone or iPad, simply follow the steps provided by Cancer Council NSW.

If you have an Android phone or tablet, download a podcast app (e.g. Pocket Casts or CastBox) and follow the prompts to find and download podcasts.

Podcasts can also be listened to directly via the website.

What is a webinar?

A webinar is an online seminar you can watch on your computer or mobile device. Webinars enable many people – in different geographic locations – to share a common experience in real-time and to interact via a chat box with the presenters and participants.

The webinars are recorded enabling you to view the webinar at your convenience after the live event. All registrants are emailed a link to the webinar recording, a copy of the power point and a list of resources for future reference.

You can also watch previous webinars even if you did not participate when they were presented. To do this you will also need to register.

Please open the shutters below to see the current cancer related podcasts and webinars.

Cancer and COVID-19: If you are affected by cancer, what does the COVID-19 pandemic mean for you? Should you delay tests and treatment? How can you still get support from those around you? And where can you turn if you need more information or support? Listen now to Cancer and COVID-19 and hear Cancer Council’s health professionals discuss these questions and more.

Finding Calm During Cancer: In the Finding Calm During Cancer podcast, join psychologist Dr Lisbeth Lane as she guides you through a series of meditation and relaxation practices.

The Thing About Cancer: How do people cope after a cancer diagnosis? What do all the tests mean? Will treatment leave you foggy-headed? Does cancer always cause pain? If you or someone you care about has been diagnosed with cancer, you might be searching for the answers to these and other questions. The Thing About Cancer podcast is produced by Cancer Council NSW with host Julie McCrossin chatting to experts about all things cancer.

The Thing About Advanced Cancer:  Whether you are living long term with advanced cancer, you are facing end-of-life, or you are caring for someone with advanced cancer — this podcast series has information and insights that can help you navigate through these challenging times. The Thing About Advanced Cancer podcast, produced by Cancer Council NSW, is hosted by Julie McCrossin who joins experts to answer the big questions about advanced cancer.

Cancer clinical trials: The what, the how and the why: Professor Michael Millward, physician/researcher trained in Cancer Medicine chats about cancer clinical trials: what they are, why are they important, and the benefits and risks to participants. This webinar was produced by Cancer Council WA.

Cervical screening by self-collection: taking your health into your own hands: Beth Chigwada, Senior Health Promotion Officer at the WA Cervical Cancer Screening Program chats about the self-collection option including what it involves and how to access it. This webinar was produced by Cancer Council WA.

Webinar series produced by Cancer Council NSW: Personal stories and expert knowledge, under three themes of Survivorship, Work and Cancer and LGBTI. These webinars are presented by various experts and are produced by Cancer Council NSW.

Exercise and cancer: Gillian Gregory, Senior Physiotherapist working in Oncology and Haematology at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital will chat to us about the benefits of exercise for cancer prevention, the effect that exercise has on cancer patients, and the role of exercise in reducing the risk of cancer recurrence.

Can we use the wound healing immune response to treat sarcoma after surgery?: Dr Rachael Zemek, Post Doctoral Researcher from the Telethon Kids Institute will discuss sarcoma, the history of using surgery to treat cancer, how immunotherapy is changing the way we treat cancer, and finding new therapies for sarcoma.

The quest to cure childhood brain cancer: Dr Nick Gottardo, Consultant Paediatric Oncologist and Neuro-oncologist will discuss the past, present and future of childhood brain cancer.