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During September, students across WA will be taking part in The Great Vegie Crunch, and this year schools are encouraged to apply for grants of up to $75 to assist with the purchase of fresh vegetables for the event.

With the rising cost of living the grants will ensure all students are eligible to participate.

The Great Vegie Crunch aims to get children around WA crunching together on vegetables while having fun.

While families are encouraged to supply vegetables for their children, we understand that this might not always be possible, so to ensure students can be part of The Great Vegie Crunch activities, registered primary schools can receive a one-off grant of up to $75.00.

We would love to see schools across WA make use of this fantastic grant opportunity and provide their students with fresh vegies. Applying for the grant is easy, simply head to the Crunch&Sip website and fill out the form.

Last year, more than 100 schools and 25,000 students across WA took part in The Great Vegie Crunch.

Since its inception in 2014 we have seen just over 207,000 kids participate in The Great Vegie Crunch.

These numbers are really encouraging for what we are trying to achieve, which is to educate children while establishing healthy eating habits for them early in life.

We know that kids are eating plenty of fruit but are missing out on vital nutrients from vegetables, so The Great Vegie Crunch is an excellent way to show kids they can have fun while eating vegies like carrots and celery.

To register your school for The Great Vegie Crunch or to apply for a 2023 vegetable grant visit the Crunch and Sip website.