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Did you know that people with cancer are the largest users of blood donations in Australia? Or that most people who have chemotherapy need blood transfusions?

Cancer Council is joining forces with Australian Red Cross Lifeblood this World Cancer Day (4 February) and all throughout February to tackle cancer together – with the help of blood donors.

Here are five reasons why donating blood is not just a selfless act, but a crucial contribution towards a cancer free future.

  1. Support people living with cancer that need lifesaving blood

Our partnership with Australian Red Cross Lifeblood shows the direct impact blood donations have on the lives of people impacted by cancer.

And with almost 1 in 2 Australians facing a cancer diagnosis before the age of 85, the prevalence of cancer is becoming more evident.

By donating blood, you’re not just giving blood, you’re offering a lifeline to someone in need.

  1. Blood plays an essential role in cancer treatment

Blood products play a pivotal role in the comprehensive treatment plans for individuals living with various types of cancer.

From combating the effects of chemotherapy to addressing anaemia caused by cancer, transfusions of red cells, plasma, and platelets are indispensable.

Plus, plasma-based immunoglobulin therapy not only slows cancer progression but also provides protection against other infections.

Your blood donation becomes a multifaceted tool in the treatment of cancer, offering relief and support at different stages of the treatment process.

  1. Help satisfy the rising need for blood

The statistics are startling as the demand for blood products for cancer patients is on the rise, and it’s expected to double by 2035.

Currently, 34% of donated red cells are used for the treatment of cancer and blood diseases.

This demand is especially pronounced during cancer treatments, where individuals with acute leukemia may require up to 9 bags of red blood cells and 36 bags of platelets each month.

By donating blood, you contribute to meeting this escalating demand, ensuring that individuals undergoing cancer therapies have access to the vital blood products they need for survival.

  1. More people are being diagnosed with cancer

Currently, over 1 million Australians are living with or beyond a cancer diagnosis, a number projected to increase by a staggering 72% in the next 22 years.

By 2040, an estimated 1.9 million Australians will be living with or beyond cancer.

These numbers show just how important it is to act, as your blood donation plays a crucial role in the future of cancer, offering support to the increasing number of people impacted by cancer.

  1. Make a personal difference towards the future of cancer

Donating blood is a real way for you to personally contribute to a cancer free future.

It’s a simple yet effective way to make a big difference, with little effort.

By becoming a regular blood donor, you’re doing your part to help millions of people.

Your commitment helps supply blood that is essential, not only for cancer patients, but for anyone in need of blood transfusions due to accidents, surgeries, or other medical conditions.

Show your support for people living with cancer by giving blood in February to get a sunny daffodil bandage by Aussie artist Beci Orpin. Book your donation or learn more at