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Men’s Health Week takes place from 12-18 June 2023 and the theme for this year is “Healthy Habits”.


Eating salad, turning down a beer, talking about your feelings, and going to the doctor when you’re sick could all get you called unmanly. It’s a cultural phenomenon in Australia that is contributing to some dire statistics around men’s health. 


On average, men have more accidents, more illness and die younger than women. Men go to the doctor less and there’s a widespread perception that men don’t care about health.


The team at LiveLighter have put together a list of our favourite fella-friendly healthy living resources.


Dude Food
The Dude Food booklet has tasty recipes, no-frills nutrition advice and practical tips to get you eating better and feeling good!


Ultimate BBQ guide
The LiveLighter Ultimate BBQ recipe booklet has a healthy barbie checklist and 5 tasty recipes that hit the table in under 30 mins.


Regional Men’s Health Initiative
They’re a team of people who connect men living in regional areas with the support and tools they need to take charge of their own health and wellbeing. 


Free workout builder and exercise guides

LiveLighter has a whole bunch of home exercise videos and workout guides. There’s something to suit every level, whether you’re getting into it, getting back onto it or a seasoned pro. There’s even a physical activity calculator if you’re feeling competitive. 


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