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Health professionals

In Australia, over 122,494 people experience homelessness each night.

Homelessness Week aims to bring awareness to the causes, impacts, and potential solutions to the pressing issue of homelessness. It encourages individuals, organisations and communities to educate themselves and be proactive in working towards a sustainable solution where everyone has access to safe and stable housing.

Homelessness leads to a shorter life expectancy, higher chance of chronic poor health, and a greater usage of hospital services. When coupled with reduced access to healthcare, these health disparities can result in later-stage diagnoses of cancer and poor treatment outcomes for people experiencing homelessness.

The theme for Homelessness Week 2023 is “it’s time to end homelessness”.

In 2023, the Federal Government will start developing a 10-year National Housing and Homelessness Plan, so it is critical that we all take action to increase the government’s awareness around what is needed to end homelessness.

To end homelessness once it occurs, people need:

  • Adequate incomes
  • A home
  • To be free of violence and abuse
  • Effective support to gain and retain housing.

Get involved and be a part of the solution.

Ways you can get involved in Homelessness Week 2023:

  1. Attend the free, online Ending First Nations Homelessness event on Monday 7 August 2023 from 9-11am.
  2. Get creative and host your own event, highlighting how to end homelessness.
  3. Encourage your MP to visit services that provide support to people experiencing homelessness and discuss putting homelessness on their agenda.
  4. Generate media about ending homelessness, whether that be on social media or through traditional media. Sharing stories about a real person’s experience can have a big impact.
  5. Sign and share the petition to Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, calling for the Government’s 10-year housing and homelessness plan to aim to end homelessness.
  6. Join the conversation by sharing your stories, thoughts and concerns about homelessness on social media using the hashtag #HW2023.

Read more about ending homelessness here.