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The Cancer Network at the Western Australian (WA) Department of Health recently undertook the ‘Culturally and linguistically diverse (CaLD) cancer information needs for consumers and carers’ project to better understand the cancer information needs of CaLD consumers and carers affected by cancer.

The Cancer Network awarded five grants to community organisations across the state to conduct small group discussions and interviews between August and October 2022 with CaLD consumers and carers affected by cancer.

In total, 175 CaLD consumers and careers were consulted, and the project findings identified a range of cancer information needs, including the overarching theme to improve access and empower CaLD consumers and carers to obtain cancer information that address their health and cultural needs.

The different types of cancer information that were important to those consulted included:

  • Diagnosis and prognosis
  • Making an informed decision on treatment
  • Treatment costs and financial support
  • Support services
  • How the Australian health system works, and
  • Lifestyle changes

In addition to the above, several cultural needs were raised, including language needs, cultural beliefs about cancer, respecting religious and cultural beliefs, the role of family, and empowering CaLD people to advocate for their health needs.

The report also outlines barriers to accessing and using cancer screening services amongst CaLD communities and identifies strategies to improve participation in screening.

The report and ‘Summary of key findings’ are available on the Cancer Network website here:

As a result of these findings, Cancer Council WA’s Cancer and Information Support Services staff are working alongside Health Consumers Council (HCC) staff to develop some cancer information resources for culturally and linguistically diverse cancer patients and families here in WA.  The project is funded by the Department of Health, WA and we are honoured to bring our expertise in cancer information and resource development, and to work with HCC’s expertise in consumer engagement.  Resources will be in English and six other languages.

If you have any questions, please contact the Cancer Network.