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Our Grants Advisory Committee structure

The Research Grants Advisory Committee (Research Committee) is a committee of Cancer Council WA. The primary role of the Research Grants Advisory Committee and its Subcommittee’s is to assist Cancer Council WA in fulfilling its responsibilities to ensure an investment in the highest quality research in WA in the most efficient and effective manner possible.

Express your interest in becoming a Research Committee or Subcommittee member

Complete the Expression of Interest (EOI) form and submit it to:

Submitted EOI forms will be reviewed by Cancer Council WA and our Research Grant Advisory Committee Chair. Once approved, nominees will be invited to join the Research Grant Advisory Committee or one of its Subcommittees, or shortlisted if all eligible places are filled.

Our scientific members are researchers from recognised research institutions in Western Australia. Membership is determined by maximising excellence and diversity by giving consideration to track record, administering and research institutions and area/s of expertise.

Opportunities are available for researchers at all career stages.

Expectations of committee members

Our Research Committee and Subcommittees are primarily responsible for the peer review of applications. Our Research Committee members also provide guidance on the strategic directions of our Research Funding Program.

Research Committee members are expected to exemplify integrity in all involvement with the peer-review process, including notifying the Cancer Council WA of any potential or actual conflict of interest.

Membership terms

Committee and Postdoctoral Subcommittee 2 x three year terms run consecutively
Pre-doctoral Sub-committee Two years
Collaborative Cancer Grant Scheme Committee 2 x three application year terms run consecutively

See who is a current member of this committee.

Positions on our panels are volunteer positions and no honoraria are paid, however approved out-of-pocket expenses are reimbursed.

For further information or questions, please contact Research Funding Program Team on (08) 9212 4333 or at