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After taking a break in 2022, March Munch is back!

Students throughout WA will be challenged to eat vegies every day during their Crunch&Sip® breaks throughout  March and will learn how important vegies are to healthy growing bodies.

Cancer Council WA’s Schools Nutrition Senior Coordinator, Mikala Atkinson, said March Munch is one of the strategies being implemented by the Crunch&Sip® team to get kids excited about eating vegies, and to make munching them  part of their daily school routine.

“In 2022 we took a break from the Crunch&Sip® March Munch event as our schools minimised activities and commitments due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic,” Ms Atkinson said.

“But in 2023, vegies are definitely back on the menu.

“With recent data showing that only six per cent of Australian children are meeting the recommended five serves of vegetables each day, March Munch is a great way for  kids to create healthy habits at the start of the new year.

“Registered classrooms will receive an event pack full of helpful resources for teachers, including daily activities, calendar cards, sticker rewards and lesson plans.

“This is our sixth March Munch and over the years we’ve found that kids are more likely to munch on vegies they’ve previously turned their noses up to when they see their friends and teachers tucking in as well.”

The initiative is coordinated by Cancer Council WA’s Crunch&Sip® program and is funded by Healthway.

The Crunch&Sip® program has been running in WA for 17 years and provides the opportunity for primary school students to eat vegetables or fruit in class, and sip water throughout the day.

Schools can register to become a Crunch&Sip® school via the website