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A Bunbury local, currently living at student accommodation in Nedlands, has been named our 2022 SunSmart Fashion Project winner for her unique skirt design that comes complete with UV protection.

20-year-old Curtin University Fashion student, Skyla van Loggerenberg, said she was hoping to create something that was sun protective whilst also being comfortable and stylish.

“I was looking for a skirt that was very feminine and flowy, yet comfortable and modular,” Ms van Loggerenberg said.

“I chose to use bamboo fabric because it’s natural, eco-friendly, and very comfortable. I love how it feels, and I think when buying clothes, comfort is one of the most important things.”

Students who participated in the ‘Garment and the Body’ fashion unit were asked to design functional, sun-protective attire that would also appeal to their peers.

“I hope my skirt appeals to anyone from late teens to thirties. It’s quite a versatile design, so I think it would suit anyone who wanted to style it,” she said.

“Through this project I have learnt that sun protection doesn’t have to be unfashionable. You can still wear things that are modern and fashionable, while protecting your skin.

“I’ve also learnt a lot about fabric choice, like the weave and how much sunlight goes through certain fabrics.

“I really enjoyed collaborating with the SunSmart team and Claire at Ruck Rover. It’s been such an amazing opportunity.”

Health promotion meets fashion

Curtin University’s Fashion Major Coordinator, Emily Wills, said that the chance for students to be involved in a health promotion project as significant as Cancer Council WA’s SunSmart Fashion Project was an excellent opportunity to challenge themselves while adhering to a real industry brief. Industry partnerships such as this are providing our students with invaluable real world learning experiences.

“This is the ninth year that we’ve been involved with the SunSmart Fashion Project and over that time we’ve seen our second-year fashion students really benefit from it, with the winner having direct engagement with industry to prepare their design for production,” Ms Wills said.

“Real world experience is a focus of the Fashion and Design course at Curtin University and the SunSmart program is a great example of this.”

SunSmart Manager, Sally Blane said Cancer Council WA was impressed by Ms van Loggerenberg’s design.

“Because melanoma is the most common cancer in young Australians between the ages of 15 and 39, one of SunSmart’s aims is to create greater awareness amongst young people about the damage that prolonged exposure to UV can cause, and the competition is a great way to do this,” Ms Blane said.

“Thoughtful, creative designs such as Skyla’s prove that being SunSmart can also be stylish and fun.”

Where to buy the skirt

Awarded with a limited run, Ms van Loggerenberg design will be available for purchase at Ruck Rover General Store at 242 William St, Northbridge from November 18, 2022.

Find out more

Visit for more information about the fashion project, UV radiation and sun protection