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Remi Godfrey was diagnosed with cancer before she was old enough to vote.

At seventeen years of age, Remi’s biggest troubles should have been passing exams, inviting her crush to the school dance, or figuring out an answer for the next adult that asks, “Remi, what do you want to be when you grow up?”.

But instead, at only seventeen years old, there she was in the emergency room, anxious parents at her side, when the doctor told her those three scary words ‘you have cancer’.

“It was one of those moments you expect to wake from, realising it was all just a bad dream”, Remi described. But for Remi, this wasn’t a dream, a cancer diagnosis in her final school year was her reality.

Every day, 36 West Australians will be faced with a reality they never asked for, hearing the words “you have cancer”.

That’s why we desperately need your help to provide thousands of West Australians, like Remi, with hope for a future without cancer. Please donate this Daffodil Day Appeal to help local researchers unlock critical new discoveries when they’re needed most.

You know that itchy feeling and rash you get from rolling grass? Remi had a rash like that, which just wouldn’t go away.

Eventually, it got so unbearable, she would cry every day, trying anything to relieve the pain. After countless doctor visits and still no answers, she came home from dance class one night, hardly able to breathe. Her Mum raced her to hospital where she had x-rays and a biopsy, to discover her rash was in fact stage three Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. The tumour behind her lungs was 11cm.

The doctor told me I just got unlucky. But with the support of generous Cancer Council WA supporters, I hold hope of a cancer free future. I hope that one day, I can turn to that doctor and say, I didn’t need luck after all,” Remi said.

While Remi’s friends stressed about their crushes and outfits for the weekend, Remi was stressing about her hair, which was slowly falling out after each round of chemotherapy.

She had to be careful at school as she was immunocompromised, meaning if she got sick, she got really sick. On top of that, she was experiencing a foggy ‘cancer brain’ when she was studying for her year 12 final exams.

No seventeen-year-old should have to go through this. With your help, cancer researchers can continue their work to unlock the answers to a cancer free future.

Because of the support for researchers and medical teams, just as Remi was walking into her final biology exams, she received good news. Her tumour had rapidly shrunk, and she was in remission!

Remi got through cancer with optimism, while completing her year 12 final exams, and scored a great result.

“When you have had cancer, you are constantly in a state of ‘could it come back’? Three years on, I am still in remission, but I still get checks regularly”.

Remi is now studying nursing, so she can be there for other West Australians facing their most challenging times, just like the nurses who were there for her.

“You don’t need to be a nurse, doctor, or cancer researcher to improve outcomes for people with cancer. By just donating this Daffodil Day Appeal, you are making a real difference”, Remi stated.

Get involved

This Daffodil Day Appeal is taking place throughout August, up until Daffodil Day on Thursday 25 August 2022.

Daffodils can be purchased at various Bunnings stores throughout the metropolitan area on Friday 19 August or through one of our corporate partners in the city on Thursday 25 August. Visit a participating location to purchase daffodils.

You can donate online at any time or register to fundraise.