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Health professionals

LiveLighter have launched a brand-new campaign encouraging people to discover what motivates them to be active, with the aim of increasing the amount of movement WA adults are getting in their lives. The Move More campaign showcases some of the lesser-known benefits that physical activity can provide with ads on social media, digital and outdoor channels.

Discover what moves you

Whether it’s finding calm in nature, feeling empowered by achieving personal goals, or having happier doggos (if the movement you are getting is walking your four-legged pal), knowing your why can help motivate you to be active.

Improving mental health

When you exercise your body releases some powerful mood boosting chemicals (for example neurotransmitters like serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine). These chemicals together stimulate the brain, increasing concentration and focus, as well as reducing stress and brain fog.

Having more energy

As a result of being physically active, blood and oxygen circulate more efficiently within the body, which supports energy production in our cells. When our bodies function better and use energy more efficiently it boosts our energy levels and allows us to go about our day with more ease.

Connecting with others

Joining a sports team, walking group, or other exercise club not only sets up a regular spot in your calendar to be active but also means you’ll meet new people and can build a sense of community.

Improving sleep

Participating in moderate to vigorous intensity physical activity has been shown to help improve sleep quality by helping us to fall asleep more quickly and improve the quality of sleep that we have.

Finding your groove

There are so many different ways that we can move our bodies. The key is finding something that we enjoy doing and that fits in with our schedule. Some of the LiveLighter team’s favourite ways to move include walking outdoors, yoga, pilates, playing sport, and doing an at home workout. If you find something that you enjoy and that fits into your day without a struggle then you are more likely to want to keep doing it! You don’t have to find the right thing straight away, if it’s not working give something else a go or rope a friend in to make it a bit more interesting.

Another way to get more movement is to break up long bouts of sitting. A lot of us work in jobs where we are sitting most of the day and live in environments that are built for cars. Break up sitting with small bursts of activity, for example get up and move in between episodes when you are watching TV or when you have finished a task at work. You could also change the way you socialise with friends and family such as going for a walk after you’ve grabbed your coffee with a mate, or playing a game of backyard soccer or twister with the kids.

If you haven’t been moving in a while, start small and remember to give yourself ongoing encouragement. Even a daily walk around the block or some light stretching is good for your body.

To support people to get moving LiveLighter have developed a free, online tool for you to use. ‘My Workout Builder’ allows people to create a step-by-step video workout based on their goals, desired challenge level (e.g. beginner, intermediate, advanced), time available and equipment available (if any). The beauty of this tool is that it can be done with no equipment and for as short as five minutes so you really can fit it in at any point of the day. We also have a number of other resources that support people to move more, including a move more 4 week challenge, a 3-minute exercise plan and a bunch of Spotify playlists to groove along to whilst working out.

For more information check out the LiveLighter® website, and keep an eye out for the Move More campaign on social media, digital and outdoor channels until February 11.