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Health professionals

In September 2022, we launched a brand-new campaign, Reverse, that aims to increase people’s knowledge of the link between junk food and drink and cancer risk. The campaign encourages people to find healthier options when choosing what to eat and drink in and out of the home.

Wave two of Reverse launched on Sunday 26 March and will run until Saturday 10 June 2023 (with AFL TV and digital commencing Thursday 16 March). The ‘Meals’ creative, which will air for the first time, and the ‘Drinks’ creative, will be used throughout this wave of the campaign.

The main premise of Reverse is that it begins inside the body, and only shows the food products and person eating them at the conclusion of the ad, ‘reversing’ the usual sequence of similar behaviour change TV commercials. The ad links junk food consumption with excess body fat and an increased risk of cancer due to having overweight or obesity.

The Reverse TV ad begins inside the body, showing internal organs with toxic fat and cancer growth. The camera then travels up through the oesophagus and out of the mouth, revealing people eating junk foods or drinking sugary drinks. Alternate versions of the ads show the camera leaving the mouth with healthy options being consumed instead, i.e. a salad packed roll instead of a burger, water instead of a sugary drink, or fruit salad instead of a muffin.

Two of three scenarios will feature in this wave of Reverse: two tradies eating a junk food meal, and two friends drinking sugary drinks.

The campaign will run state-wide across all major media platforms, including TV, radio, cinema, outdoor commute and digital.

View the campaign webpage, including the TV ads here.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss at all, please contact the LiveLighter team.