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Health professionals

Crunch Bites is the newest ‘grab and go’ podcast for parents who want to learn how to feed their family well whilst saving on time, money and stress. Brought to you by qualified nutritionists, each episode bites off a topic that will help you build those healthy habits in the home.

Meet the hosts

Mikala: Mikala is a mum of two, a qualified nutritionist and the Senior Coordinator of the Crunch&Sip® program. Mikala has spent many years working with parents promoting the importance of being a positive role model when it comes to enjoying healthy food in the home and reaching for a range of vegetables. When she is not at work, Mikala loves to run the trails in the Perth Hills or to jump in the kitchen and cook up a storm.

Nicole: Nicole is a mum of two four-legged tail waggers, a qualified nutritionist and the nutrition Coordinator of the Crunch&Sip® program. Nicole is passionate about understanding how the environment can influence health and wellbeing, and enjoys giving practical and realistic advice to anyone who wants to listen. When she is not at work Nicole loves visiting the local farmers market to find new and interesting fruit and veg, learning to cook meals from different cultures, and heading outdoors to go camping.

Listen now – our first four episodes are LIVE! 

Episode one: The lunchbox troubleshooting guide

Episode two: Positive relationships with food and body image in children with Dr Stephanie Damiano

Episode three: From fussy eating to adventurous appetites

Episode four: Reaching for rainbow foods with Dr Preeya

More episodes will be coming soon! Join us as we talk about bumping up the wholegrains, celebrating vegetables, why dairy boosts bone health and so much more!

Crunch Bites is Available on Spotify and Apple podcasts.

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