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Health professionals

Over the last 2 years, Cancer Council WA have been funding cancer researcher, Dr Rodrigo Carlessi based at Curtin University’s Health Innovation Research Institute.  Excitingly, Rodrigo leads a team who have recently identified the genetic signature of pre-cancerous liver cells that could lead to the development of a new diagnostic test for liver cancer.

Currently, there is no cure for liver cancer once it reaches an intermediate or advanced stage, but Rodrigo’s work will provide an opportunity for prevention before it ever reaches that stage.

“The magic bullet that’s going to treat all cancers doesn’t exist. Every cancer is different. Even every liver cancer is a different disease, so it is so hard to find a treatment that works for all. But if people know they are at high risk of developing liver cancer, by an identified biomarker, they can make lifestyle changes that will reduce their risk.”

Local research funding programs like Cancer Council WA are saving research in WA. They’re vital to enable us to do our work and make this exciting progress.

“Thank you very much to the donors that make research possible. Your generosity and your vision of funding research will improve the lives of not only you as a donor, but of the whole WA community.”

To read more about our research program, visit our Research page.