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With lettuce now costing upwards of $10 in some supermarkets across the country, there will be few of us that haven’t noticed the soaring prices of groceries at the moment.  

From a shortage of workers to a summer of extreme weather and rising inflation, it doesn’t look like prices are going to fall anytime soon. But rising prices doesn’t mean we need to stop eating a healthy, balanced diet, we just might need to get a bit creative with our culinary creations!  

To help you continue making healthy meals for your family without breaking the bank, LiveLighter® have put together some of our best wallet-friendly recipes with only a handful of ingredients (and no lettuce in sight).

Make these recipes your own by swapping out ingredients or adding in your favourite flavours to create a dish you’ll love.  

Potato Lentil Dahl – $1.39 per serving

Lentils are a great, affordable source of protein and alternative to meat that can be bought for less than a $1 for a 420g tin. Make the most of the versatile lentil in this dish, combining them with tomatoes, potatoes and cumin to create a delicious, nutritious meal for the family.  

Cheese and Spinach Gozleme – $1.66 per serving

Not just limited to food trucks, you can create your own healthy Gozleme at home with only a few ingredients. Filled with onion, feta and spinach these tasty treats are perfect for dinner or pack it in a container and bring it with you for a scrumptious lunch.  

Zucchini Corn Soup – $1.58 per serving

On the table in less than 20 minutes, this Zucchini Corn Soup is perfect for a busy weeknight dinner and the best part? It’s nutritious and made up of only four ingredients.  

Milanese Risotto – $1.32 per serving 

Impress the family with this simple but delicious risotto! With only five ingredients, this dish has minimal preparation but maximum flavour. Make it your own by adding mushrooms, zucchini, asparagus or any affordable vegies that are in season!  

Pantry Pasta – $1.93 per serving 

Who doesn’t love a pasta dish that clears out your freezer and pantry? Sure to become a family favourite, this Pantry Pasta is stacked full of flavour and nutrients and it’s great for freezing. Make a big batch and you’ll have healthy, ready-to-go meals for the week!  

How we calculated the cost:

The prices in this article were correct as of 1 July 2022.  

The costs were calculated based off the quantity of ingredients for each individual recipe. E.g. 1 Cup of mozzarella cheese. In some cases, the product may be sold in larger sizes, which may incur a larger initial cost of purchase.  

The pantry staples that are not calculated in the cost are olive/canola spray or oil, pepper and water. Costs are based on online research at a major supermarket retailer in Melbourne.  

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