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We all have dreams of how we wish to spend retirement. Weekends with the grandkids, catchups with friends, or perhaps the odd campervan trip chasing the warmer weather. Sadly, with bowel cancer being Australia’s second biggest cause of cancer death, and often starting without any symptoms, some people are faced with a retirement very different to how they imagined.

This doesn’t have to be the case. Participating in the National Bowel Cancer Screening Program is one of the most effective ways of detecting bowel cancer in its early stages, when it’s usually easier to treat. In fact, 90 per cent of bowel cancer cases can be successfully treated when detected early!

If you’re aged between 50 to 74 years, you will be sent a free bowel screening test kit every two years. Your bowel screening test is a free and easy way to detect the early signs of bowel cancer.

Unfortunately, only 43.5 per cent of all eligible Australians aged 50 – 74 complete the kits sent to them. If we could increase and keep the participation rate to 60 per cent, 84,000 lives could be saved over the next 20 years!

How can you help?

Cancer Council research tells us that majority of people who don’t participate in bowel screening understand the importance of screening and want to do it. They’re just busy, forget or simply don’t get around to it!

So, what can YOU do to help increase participation, and potentially save lives?

  • If you have received a test kit, but not completed it yet, make sure you place it close to the toilet. Research shows that putting the test kit in view of the toilet is the best way to ensure you remember and it’s right there when you need it.
  • If you’ve received a test kit, but not sure where you put it (or it’s expired), you can easily order a replacement test kit to your address. Just grab your Medicare card and jump online to order a free replacement, or phone 1800 627 701.
  • If you’ve already done the test, or are not eligible to receive the kit, you can still improve participation by openly discussing bowel cancer screening with friends and family. You never know, your conversation may save a life. Cancer Council research indicates people are more likely to participate if they’re encouraged by friends or family members.

Get2it campaign

You may have noticed the new Get2it campaign on your television or radio. In partnership with the Australian Government, we have developed this campaign to shine a light on our toilet habits.

Get2it encourages eligible Australians to Get2it and participate in the National Bowel Cancer Screening Program when they receive their free test kit in the mail every two years.

The previous national campaign aired in 2019 and saw the return of an additional 93,000 bowel cancer screening test-kits nationally, resulting in a projected 470 lives saved over the coming 50 years. This year, we hope to further improve participation through the Get2It campaign (with your help!).

Don’t put off the chance to save your life, or your loved ones. Get2it today.

Get2it TV advertisement. The campaign will also be running across radio, out-of-home media.

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