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Health professionals

We’re calling on you, the people of Western Australia, to complete our quick and easy Junk Food and Drink in Sport Survey!

We are seeking your feedback on the appropriateness of junk food and drink marketing in sport, in particular the impact it has on children and young people.

Complete our short 5-minute survey now for your chance to win one of two $250 Rebel Sport vouchers! 

Four reasons junk food and drink marketing in sport is concerning:

  1. It has a large reach with audiences that include children and young people.
  2.  It can’t be turned off. Marketing appears everywhere, including tournament logos, uniforms, at the grounds and on score boards.
  3. It uses the positive association we have for our team or sport.
  4.  It tries to make the junk food and drink products appear part of a healthy lifestyle.

Sport has immense potential to positively influence the health and wellbeing of Australians, especially children and young people. Despite this, elite sport is used to promote and advertise the junk food and drink brands and products contributing to poor diets. Poor diets, overweight and obesity are the greatest risk factors for death and disease in Australia.

Please share your thoughts by completing our short 5-minute survey and you can play a part in helping us get junk food and drink out of all sports.


This work is generously funded by Healthway.