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Cancer Research Giving Day, our biggest research fundraising event of the year, is on again this Thursday 2 February. Every dollar donated on or before 9pm Thursday will be doubled by our generous matching donors, meaning your donation will have twice the impact.

Our CEO, Ashley Reid, said last year WA cancer research received a substantial boost.

“More than $200,000 was donated to our annual Cancer Research Giving Day, which was then matched by a group of our generous donors bringing the overall amount to more than $400,000,” Mr Reid said.

“This year we are hoping the community will again dig deep to reach $450,000 including $225,000 in matched donations, to allow West Australian researchers to continue their ground-breaking work.”

Mr Reid said stopping cancer starts by understanding it and research is the key to unlocking the answers we need for a cancer free future.

“Survival rates for some of the most common cancers including breast, melanoma and prostate cancer is more than 90 per cent, and the overall five-year survival rate for all cancers is more than 70 per cent,” he said.

“This, in part, is thanks to research that informs improvements in screening, diagnosis and treatment.

“However, with 13,000 West Aussies diagnosed with cancer every year, we must continue to fund our world-class local researchers to improve diagnosis, detection and treatment for every cancer.”

For cancer survivor, Melanie Ware, cancer research gave her an optimistic prognosis, treatment options and the best possible outcome.

“In February 2007 I was a 33 year old healthy new mum when I felt a pea-sized lump near my armpit,” Ms Ware said.

” After numerous tests I was diagnosed with triple-negative breast cancer. I had six rounds of chemotherapy, then radiotherapy. During this time, I also took part in a clinical trial which looked at the link between genetics and breast cancer.

“Advancements in cancer research are critical for West Australian like me. There are still cancers with no treatment or very poor survival rates, including triple-negative breast cancer.

“The generosity of people donating to research gives hope. It allows researchers to innovate, try completely new ideas and approaches. It gives researchers the instruments they need to improve diagnostics and treatment outcomes.

“I urge you to donate today to help Cancer Council unlock the answers to a cancer free future. “

To make a donation on Thursday 2 February 2023, visit or call 08 9212 4333.

Every dollar donated on or before 9pm 2 February 2023, will be matched by a group of generous donors so a $1 donation will translate to $2 for local cancer research.

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