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Commencing in October, our Term 4 Life Now Program will offer a combination of introductory online and face-to-face courses, including Yoga, Tai Chi and Mindfulness. Courses are free of charge for people affected by cancer and their primary carers.

Carer to her husband, and recent Life Now Yoga participant, Angela Gifford, said she would do the Life Now course again in a flash.

Angela had only just recovered from breast cancer, when her husband, Edward, was diagnosed with Stage 4 pancreatic metastatic cancer. They were told his cancer was inoperable and he would have to commence palliative chemotherapy treatment for three months.

“I felt shell shocked. It was like a massive mental earthquake had hit and shattered my world. I simply could not believe it”, Angela explained.

“The speed at which the cancer had progressed was terrifying and I was not ready to accept that Edward might not make it to Christmas, a mere three months away. Neither of us were.”

Upon receiving the diagnosis, they both agreed to make some major lifestyle changes. One of these changes was recognising the importance of exercise.

Edward was accessing our Reflexology service at Busselton Cancer Centre, when Betsy, one of our Cancer Support Coordinators told him about the Life Now program. Both Angela and Edward signed up to the face-to-face Life Now yoga course. After their first session, COVID-19 had started to spread through the community, so they were nervous to continue. Fortunately, they felt comfortable continuing, with the option of online courses available.

“I loved doing the online Life Now sessions. The instructor was brilliant. She was calm, encouraging and accommodating. I even wrote to her after telling her how amazing she was.”

“I realised how important it was to look after ‘me’. It really gave me some timeout.”

Angela felt the course was a positive way to do something worthwhile for herself. Edward was also able to join her for a couple of the sessions when he was feeling up to it.

“If you, or someone you care about are affected by cancer, why not sign up? It’s suitable for all levels, including people who have never even unrolled a yoga mat before, and an excellent way to do some self-care. It’s not an endless number of classes, making it very achievable, and it’s free!”

Life Now’s introductory style courses, including yoga, meditation, exercise, tai chi, and mindfulness are specifically designed for cancer patients and their carers, offering participants the chance to learn techniques to support their physical and mental well-being during treatment and recovery.

Our Life Now Coordinator, Claire Duffy, said she is always pleased to hear such positive feedback from participants.

We know through numerous studies that there are a range of benefits from attending classes such as exercise, meditation, mindfulness, yoga and tai chi, including reducing anxiety and stress, but it's wonderful to hear first-hand from our course participants, just how Life Now courses have improved their lives,

Claire Duffy

Life Now is made possible thanks to generous community donations. All courses are delivered by experienced facilitators in a safe and supportive environment.

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How to Register?

Please visit our Life Now webpage to review the eligibility criteria, check class schedule and register.

Registrations are essential as spaces are limited.

Please note: some eligibility criteria apply to participate.