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Health professionals

Designed for: General Practitioners and Nurse Practitioners

Series: RACEPC Communicate | General Practitioner (GP) & Nurse Practitioner (NP) Series

Title: Working Together with Families and Residents for ‘Goals of Patient Care’ (RGoC) Conversations


The Residential Goals of Care (RGoC) form is intended to enhance person and family-centred care and encourage personal autonomy through supporting shared decision making between health professionals, residents and their families and carers. It is a powerful tool in enhancing advance care planning through promoting shared decision making, resulting in lower admissions to acute settings and improved health outcomes for residents.

How we communicate this with our residents and patients can either improve or impair our therapeutic relationship and the outcomes for residents and loved ones. This free 3-hour virtual immersive simulation-based workshop with actors allows GPs and NPs to develop tools and strategies to utilise with their patients and residents through the evolution of their care planning and goals.

The course offers health professionals the opportunity to engage in live immersive simulation-based education and work with health experts throughout the state. It is based upon our popular PaSCE Goals of Care course. Attendance is a must, as there are limited places for this free course. To attend this experiential workshop, a camera and microphone are vital in addition to a quiet space, this ensures a positive experience for both you and the other participants. We look forward to seeing you!

Learning Outcomes:

1. Develop advanced patient-centred communication skills.

2. Gain valuable experience in how to have goals of care conversations.

3. Practice listening to and identifying patient values.

4. Use the ICE-REMAP communication skills tool.

Presented By:

Dr Derek Eng,

Palliative Medicine Physician, Head of Department – Palliative Care Royal Perth Bentley Group.

Dr Emily Hill,

BA MBBCh FRACGP Clin Dip Pall Med

GP Donnybrook Medical Services

SMO Southwest Regional Palliative Care team.

Simulated Patient