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Each team member working in a Residential Aged Care facility play an enormous part in a resident’s life and wellbeing. Compassionate staff contribute to and foster the environment this person now calls their home. The aging, dying and death concept can be a fearful experience for both the resident and their loved ones. This is also the case for the staff and other residents working and living in the facility.

Working in an environment with residents who are aging and dying can be demanding of you both professionally and personally. Each and every staff member are integral to creating a safe and compassionate experience for all.

This session aims to talk about aging, dying and death:

  • How do I know a resident is dying?
  • What do I or don’t I say!
  • Removing stigma and common misconceptions around death and dying!
  • How can I support (and be understanding of) residents, families, and colleagues.
  • When is it appropriate to inform clinical staff of conversations or observations with family members/ residents?

The concept of a ‘good death’ or ‘dying well’ is subjective, however there are many agreed contributing factors. We hope by joining us for this webinar, you gain confidence and enhance your knowledge in talking about aging, death, and dying.

Presented By:

Ed Gaudoin

Clinical Nurse & Nurse Educator

End of Life Coordinator, Brightwater.

Jo Whitley

End of Life Choices Coordinator (EoLCC) and Voluntary Assisted Dying (VAD),

East Metropolitan Health Services.