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About this event

GPs have an important role in supporting patients receiving anticancer therapy. With good supportive care, side effects are minimised, leading to better quality of life for the patient and less distress for them and their family. Immunotherapy can cause different side effects which can occur at any time and can affect individuals differently. When problems occur, it is important to identify which ones constitute an emergency requiring referral back to treating specialist, hospital admission, and which can be initially managed at home. At this webinar, Dr Piyush Grover will discuss strategies to support patients receiving cancer immunotherapy including how to recognise and manage side effects (acute and late) and when a specialised approach is required.

On the morning of Thursday 23 March an email will be sent to registered attendees which will contain a link to join the webinar. You will be able to join the webinar by clicking the link.

7.00pm – Welcome and introductions

7.02pm – Presentations

  • Dr Piyush Grover, Medical Oncologist

7.45pm – Questions & discussion

8.00pm – Webinar close

Learning Outcomes:

  • Describe the types of immunotherapy cancer treatments available
  • Summarise the importance of prompt management of side effects
  • Describe the most common side effects of cancer immunotherapy (acute and late) and how to manage them in general practice
  • Identify when to refer a patient back for specialist consultation

This activity is pending accreditation under ACRRM PDP, and the RACGP CPD Program – Activity ID: 402800

For more information, please contact: