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Haematological cancer refers to a group of cancers that form as a result of abnormal blood cell development. There are several types and sub types which differ in symptoms, diagnosis, staging, treatment, and potential side effects. General practitioners play a key role in the diagnosis and ongoing care of patients who develop haematological cancer.

At this webinar Dr Colin Chin will discuss common haematological cancers and best practice for managing patients who have developed the various haematological cancer types. Dr Chin will also explore the criteria for referring patients not currently on active treatment to tertiary care.

Learning outcomes

· Identify the most common haematological cancers.

· Describe how to best manage patients with known haematological cancers in general practice.

· Recall criteria for referral back to tertiary services for patients not on active treatment.

Presenter: Dr Colin Chin

This activity has been accredited under ACRRM PDP, and the RACGP CPD Program