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After delivering a palliative approach and recognising the stages of deterioration, an important clinical skill is recognising when a resident’s death is approaching. The process of dying can be a fearful experience for all, including staff. With good care and preparation, most people can die comfortably.

This is a unique and challenging skillset and experience for all health professionals, families, and facility staff. Each and every resident contribute to the integral home environment that makes a residential aged care facility a home. This session aims to empower staff to ensure that each resident who makes up the facility family can live with dignity and comfort to the end.

Learning Outcomes:

1. Identify approaching death of a resident.

2. Identify actions required to prepare facility, staff, resident, and family for last days of life and terminal phase.

3. Identify appropriate palliative and end of life care tools.

4. Effectively communicate with team, family to ensure reduced anxiety and optimal care.

Presented By:

Dr Fermin Blanco Mayo

General Practitioner

Special Interest in Palliative Care and Aged Care.