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All chemotherapy side effects can lead to delays or cessation of treatment. Prompt management or prevention of side effects leads to improved patient outcomes. Chemotherapy side effects are influenced by factors such as the drug regimen, stage of disease, and a patient’s co-morbidities and psychosocial status.

At this webinar, Dr Andrew Fantoni, Medical Oncologist will discuss strategies to support patients receiving chemotherapy including how to recognise and manage both acute and late side effects in general practice and how to determine when a specialised approach is required. He will also cover the decision-making process guiding the treating team in selecting appropriate chemotherapy (not specific regimens), providing valuable insights to help GPs address patient queries.

Learning outcomes:

  • Describe the most common side effects of chemotherapy including how they are best managed in general practice
  • Identify when to refer a patient back to their specialist for consultation
  • Summarise the decision-making process guiding the treating team in selecting the most appropriate chemotherapy for the patient.


·Dr Andrew Fantoni, Medical Oncologist, Fiona Stanely Hospital

This activity has been accredited under ACRRM PDP, and the RACGP CPD Program – Activity ID: 756777