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Health professionals

Counselling for cancer patients and emotional support for families

We offer face-to-face, telehealth and telephone counselling services for cancer patients and their families who need emotional support during this difficult time. Our services are available in both metropolitan and regional Western Australia through our Cancer Council Counselling Network.

If you would like to access our counselling services please phone our 13 11 20 Cancer Information and Support Line to speak to one of our cancer nurses.

If you would like a family member to access our counselling service, please have them available to speak with the nurse when you call or provide them with the contact details to make the call when they are ready. Parents can request counselling on behalf of children under 16 years of age, but we also require the child’s consent.

The support I received was invaluable, really helped me when I needed it most. The counsellor provided me with a safe place to vent and look to the future. I would recommend counselling services for others needing support.

If you need support, we’re here

If you are a health professional and have someone who would like to access our counselling services, please direct them to call our 13 11 20 Cancer Information and Support Line  or email

Thanks to the generous support of the community, and people like you, we can provide counselling services at minimal or no cost.

Additional resources

WA Psycho-Oncology Service

A free statewide clinical psychology service for people receiving care through the public system in Western Australians diagnosed with cancer. Please see the website link below or speak to your referring health care professional for further details about this service.
Phone:  (08) 6457 1177