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Health professionals

Video 1 of 5: Introduction to the series (1 minute)

Professor Ian Olver introduces you to ‘Exercise and Nutrition –  A Guide to Living Well with Cancer’.

Video 2 of 5 : Exercise – a guide to living well with cancer  (25 minutes)

In this video clinical researchers help you understand the importance of exercise during and after cancer treatment, provide information about the clinical recommendations about exercise for people with cancer including safety considerations, different types of exercise and how to make exercise a normal part of life.

Segments include:

  • Why should I exercise?
  • Your exercise plan
  • Setting your goals
  • Keeping on track

Video 3 of 5: Nutrition (13 minutes)

In this segment dietitians explain the importance of healthy eating and provide information about treatment related side effects.

Segments include:

  • Why is nutrition important
  • Diet, disease and a better quality of life
  • Side effect management

Video 4 of 5 : Easy exercises (31 minutes)

In this video, exercise physiologists demonstrate effective and easy to follow exercises people can do at home. Segments include:

  • Today’s workout
  • Aerobic exercise
  • Resistance exercise (Lower Body)
  • Resistance exercise (Upper Body)
  • Flexibility, stretches and core exercises

Video 5 of 5 : Fresh and easy recipes (20 minutes)

This is a great easy to follow ‘how to’ section to get you started on cooking health recipes at home.

Recipes are provided by and include:

  • Spinach and mushroom omelette
  • Asian noodle soup
  • Fish with spinach and lentil salad
  • Date and muesli slice