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How to obtain copies

For single copies, please download individual pdf files from the list below.

For some resources, you are able to order multiple copies from Cancer Council WA. Please download, save, then complete our bulk order form and return via email or fax on (08) 9212 4334.

For more information, please contact the Resource Officer on (08) 9388 4363.

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Order hardcopies in bulk

For single copies, please download individual pdf files from the list below.

Make Smoking History has a range of smoke-free posters that have been created for community service organisations to display at their services. These can be ordered in A3 or A4.

The Quit Kit: The Quit Kit contains the Quit Because You Can booklet, which provides practical advice to help you plan and quit smoking. It contains information to help you learn about why you smoke and describes different ways of quitting. The Quit Kit also includes a Guide To Quitting Products, Quit Planner and Quit Pocket Guide.

Tobacco Toolbox is published four times a year. For more information on any of the topics, or if you would like to contribute, please email the Make Smoking History Team at or call (08) 9388 4333.

May 2023

In this edition:

  • ‘Sounds Like’ Campaign
  • A united call for action
  • Prevention Health Conference 2023
  • A re-think of tobacco control language
  • Health Minister Mark Butler’s speech at the National Press Club
  • National Tobacco Strategy 2023-2030
  • Tackling Indigenous Smoking (TIS) – Vaping prevalence

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February 2023

In this edition:

  • Smoke-free initiatives- Bandyup Women’s Prison and City of Vincent
  • 10 years of tobacco plain packaging- where to now?
  • E-cigarettes and oral health

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November 2022

In this edition:

  • First smoke-free prison in WA
  • Industry sector workers still exposed to tobacco smoke and e-cigarette aerosols
  • Towards Tobacco Free By 2030: Post symposium learnings
  • Challenges and opportunities for tobacco control in Australia: A qualitative study
  • ‘Dispelling the smoke to reflect the mirror’: the time is not to eliminate tobacco related harms

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August 2022

In this edition:

  • Worried About You campaign
  • WA Symposium Alert- Save the date!
  • E-cigarettes uptake on the rise across Australia
  • Community-based research during COVID-19: the Which Way? Study
  • New Zealand’s tobacco endgame
  • Time for renewed national anti-smoking campaign
  • Canada’s new proposed health warning regulations
  • Australia’s attitudes and perceptions towards drugs by region

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In May 2018 Cancer Council WA held a series of seminars for a range of health professionals working in health services across Western Australia to learn more about best practice approaches to support patients who smoke.

How to support patients who smoke to quit presentations: Please click here to download and view PDFs of all the presentations that were delivered during this seminar series.

Make Smoking History has developed a number of resources for professionals working with clients wanting to quit smoking.
These are available on the Make Smoking History website.

Make Smoking History Resources